VV Baptism Testimonies

Amber Ibarra

I began attending High Desert Church with my family when I was about 11 or 12.  This was the first church that we had attended consistently and we were amazed at how different it was from every other church, in a good way of course!  Everyone was so welcoming, and the messages given by Pastor Tom explained the Bible in such a way that it was understandable and related to everyday life. 

It was during the junior high youth group that I learned all about what it meant to become a Christian.  I had always known and believed in God, but I was able to come to understand that living your life with Jesus in it is just so much more fulfilling and life-changing.  I did the ABC's and accepted him into my life.  Since doing so, life has been so much easier knowing that I am not alone; I have God by my side through everything. 

I still have gone through difficult times, but it has given me a great sense of peace in that whatever happens, I know that God is bigger and stronger than anything else, and with him I can conquer any obstacles that come my way.