VV Baptism Testimonies

Joseph Moreno

When I finally realized how important one man can be, it was incredible. Yeah, I had gone to church before my parents had separated, but I never really thought that someone could have such of an impact until HE impacted me. After my parents had gotten a divorce I had heard of a group meet called Tribes. Tribes was what made me come to me senses. I didn’t really know what to do right away, but I knew I had to do something. So when it was finally time for me to go to Hume, I had gotten a chance to get baptized. I didn’t take it; I wasn’t ready. I thought I needed to learn more. I’m ready now that I know that He is my savior. I am glad to know someone will always be there. Jesus has showed me a path that I am ready to take. I believe Jesus is preparing me for high school. I have met many people who say high school is good or bad. I don’t really know for sure what high school will be like, but I know that there will be ups and downs that He will prepare me for.