VV Baptism Testimonies

Jordyn Hurst

When I went to Hume Lake this summer with the church is when I really felt like God was actually there. I've had always known that he was real, but I don't think I ever experienced that summer camp.  The speaker showed us a beautiful picture of the lake and mountains at camp.  However, he then put this big white circle with the word "ME" over the picture.  His point was that, over and over again, we put ourselves over the beauty of God.  I realized in that moment he was talking to me.  I was putting myself in front of God.

Though I wanted to follow Christ, I was letting every other thing get in the way.   School, homework, competitions, and practices all took the front seat of my life.  God has begun to transform me in those areas by showing me that I didn't need that stuff in my life. He has helped me with those hardships by talking to me through prayer, worship, and the Bible. At camp, I realized that he is there for me even when noone else is.