VV Baptism Testimonies

Jason Condon

My name is Jason Condon, I am fourteen and I have been attending HDC since the age of three, I accepted Jesus into my heart at Summer Blast when I was four. I haven't known a life without God in my heart.

 I am the furthest thing from perfect, none of us can be perfect, we can only trust in the Lord and follow in his teachings. Anyone can say that they're the perfect image of Christ because they go to church every Sunday morning, they go their bible study every week, and they read the verses that they were assigned, but that's not what makes a Christian. A Christian to me is defined as a person who is willing to give up everything for Christ, including their own self pride, a person who is in no way afraid to glorify him and stand up to say that they're a Christian.

God is with me in everything that I do, every step of the way he is watching over me and caring for me. I love that God has given me a gift to where although I may be nervous to talk to people at first, within a few minutes he can give me the strength to go into a deep conversation with them and be there for them.

 Baptism is the next step in any Christian's walk, by getting baptized I want to show everybody that I except God as my Lord and Savior, and that I am allowing him to wash away my sin and greed and point me on a better, stronger path. I made the decision to get baptized at Hume San Diego, because the Holy Spirit was so strong in that one place that I could really feel it. Being around so many other Christians around my age was very impactful because they knew the stress of being a teenager and were experiencing it as well. One of the most impactful parts was worship, it was so amazing to hear hundreds of other teenagers with the same passion for worshiping God, you could feel the Holy Spirit filling up the room as we all sang. Everything was so strong and powerful, on the second night I found the high school pastor Peter and asked him about getting baptized at Hume. God worked everything out so that I was able to get baptized in the Ocean and it was such a beautiful experience.

 I thank God every day for my amazing family and the fact that he placed me to be brought up in a Christian home and be led to him, as well as to be able to lead others to him. HDC has been a big part of my life and I thank every pastor and leader that I've had that has moved me closer to God and helped me in my walk with him.