VV Baptism Testimonies

Ben Shelby

Growing up I lived in a home where we were “Christians” but we didn’t go to church regularly and as I grew up I began to stray from my faith. My sister was the one who got me to go to Hume last year.  She had gone the year before and I saw what a great time she had.  God did an amazing work in her life that week and so I wanted to go. At Hume that summer, I realized God was in control.  After getting back home, I started going to church more and more. Outside of church, I didn’t really act like a religious person in how I acted.  However, this year at Hume, I realized that I wasn’t living a life of faith and that I needed to make him known with my life. Recently I’ve realized that everything that happens is God’s will and I just need to put my faith in his hands. The reason I decided to get baptized is because I just need to hit the reset button on my life.  I wanted to start living a life a faith that makes Jesus more known and entrust every part of my life to him and let him guide me down his path so I'm no longer fighting his will.