VV Baptism Testimonies

Stevie Challacomb

      I went to church the first time when I was about 5 years old. My Dad and grandparents answered my questions over the years and taught me about God and the Bible. My mom sent me to Christian school for kindergarten and first grade. I loved going to chapel every Friday and singing songs to God. I learned more about Bible stories and about scripture there. I learned that the Lord is The Almighty and the Creator of the universe. The most important thing I know about God is that He’ll never give up on you if you let Him into your heart.

      I’ve been thinking about giving my heart to Jesus for awhile. When I came to CA to visit my dad and grandparents, I liked that they didn’t pressure me and decided it was time. So I planned it as a surprise and when my family was together for dinner last Friday, I told them I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. My grama prayed with me and she cried. So did my dad.

      I wanted to give my heart to Jesus because He is The Almighty. He is the only one that can save you.