VV Baptism Testimonies

Pat Christie

Hi my name is Pat Christie I have always thought of myself as a Christian I have been married for 53 years and have four children I wanted them to know Jesus so I raised them in a Christian school I've had a wonderful life but I've always felt that something was missing.when I see other people being baptized I think that should be me and I have been confirmed before in the Lutheran Church I have never been water baptized and I think it is Necessary.

In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with cancer something I knew I couldn't deal with on my own I think I cried for weeks so much that my family said I had to stop I was becoming toxic and no one wanted to be around me.one day in September I was in my In my garden. I call that my prayer place and my happy place I  asked God to take this weight off my shoulders that I couldn't deal with it on my own – and I needed to give my whole life to Him, and everything I was going through.  And He answered that prayer and He lifted that heavy weight off of me.  What i felt is hard to explain, but it was like He gave me a new heart and a new mind.  My thoughts became so clear, and now I know that God is with me. And that no matter what happens. I will be ok.