VV Baptism Testimonies

Michael Quick

  I’ve had a mouth like a sailor since I was  14 years old. My rebellion period lasted 6 years. Substance abuse and alcohol were my favorite past times.

            As an adult, I cleaned up and grew up a little with responsibilities, like work, house, cars, bills, etc. Eventually leading to a wife and a first child. Now things get serious.

             Raising a family, with the mind of an overgrown teenager definitely has its challenges. Trying to change and teach that teen into a respectful MAN, whole other story.

            My wife and I are going on 7 years together and 4 of those years married. Like most of todays young couples, we’ve had our ups and downs, high and low points. Most low points , I have now come to realize were my doing. Being unfaithful, lustful, dishonest.

            So far, my position in life, my situations I’m in are all due to negative choices I’ve now realized I made on my own.  Cussing, lying, lusting, smoking, drinking and I’m sure many others are all things I thought I was getting away with.

            Recently, I had some life changing experiences, one after another. In the last few months I have seen my wife cry more than I ever have in 7 years. Just because of decisions I made but could have easily avoided had I communicated my struggle with her or a pastor (which she suggested). I don’t want to be on that end of the rope any longer.

           3 weeks ago I put a steel saw blade through a live steel gas service next to a house. Something shut off my saw and wouldn’t let it start back up. That’s when I smelled natural gas. A number of horrible or fatal things should have happened. Why did that saw stop?

          That’s when I knew he turned it off and gave me that chance. I’ve been asking and praying for help. Direction, guidance, courage, strength, anything. Finally boom! At that moment I counted my blessings and thanked him for everything I have. I made that promise to walk the right path and accept Jesus into my heart and life and do Gods will.  May he work through me from here on out while I lead my family as a saved man.