VV Baptism Testimonies

Kortny Marlatt

I woke up one day and I was twenty-four years old, raising two toddlers, and never felt so alone. I was living my life the way I wanted and it had gotten me nowhere. I felt like every time I started to get a little bit ahead there was always something to pull me right back down. And even though I had these two beautiful babies smiling up at me I just couldn’t get over the feeling of being stressed, upset, and alone.

I have always known and believed in the Lord but I was too afraid to make that commitment to him because I knew that I would somehow fail or disappoint him. I thought that when I asked God into my life I had to be a perfect Christian. It wasn’t until I attended a few services at HDC that I realized that wasn’t the case at all. Listening to the services every weekend I realized that the life I was trying to live was never going to work out because it wasn’t the life that God wanted me to live and I knew I couldn’t survive without him.

Before it felt like work trying to remember to “act” like a better Christian. Since then, I carve coming to church, learning more, and having the opportunity to grow more every week. Prayer isn’t something I feel like I have to remember to do every day before a meal or bed. Now I just find myself talking to Jesus whenever I feel thankful for something or when something is weighing on my mind. I thought before that it would take a long time for someone to change and become a better person but it’s amazing how the differences I am seeing in myself already just by praying to the Lord and asking for his help.