VV Baptism Testimonies

Daniel Guerrero

I have been attending HDC for about four months. I grew up down hill in La Puente with my parents and brother and sister.  I love my family a lot.  Growing up, I was in Karate and played football, and I always had a lot of energy and a bad temper at times. I was a good student in school and it came very easy to me.

During my teen years I started hanging around the wrong crowd. I managed to stay in school and play football, but I ended up getting into a gang were I saw a lot of bad stuff which increased my bad temper.  Five of my close friends were murdered, a lot more of them received life in prison, and I eventually ended up in jail twice.  When I got out CPS was at my house telling my parents I had to leave or else they were going to take away my sister. That’s how I ended up in Victorville, far away from home. A friend helped me get a job with the city of Victorville, and I continued to hang out with the wrong crowd.

Then about four years ago a girl I was dating invited me to church. I always thought that I did everything on my own, not realizing that God was always protecting me. Listening to the pastor talk, I had a change of heart.  I gave my life to Jesus and I got saved. The best thing I ever did. About a year after that I stopped going to church, but when it was time for me to get my house, I had hard time because my credit was bad and I didn't have a enough money. I began to pray to God each night on my knees, and then I started seeing doors opening up. I figured if I started going go back to church, maybe things will work out. This time, I started going to HDC. I like this church a lot!  I have noticed changes in me becoming a nicer person to others. My anger has been going down a lot, and I like the person I am becoming.  Now I want to obey God by getting baptized. Thank you HDC.