VV Baptism Testimonies

Zammara Duffey

#1 Listening to Pastor Tom tell me my way does not work. Jesus is the only way. You can't do it alone you need Jesus in front of you and a small group behind you at all times

#2 Substance abuse of many kinds, and every weekend was a party

#3 Aug.16th 2008 I wasn't in a good place emotionally, I didn't really even want to be at church and Steve Wilmert went out of his way to stop and ask me, who he had never met before, how i was doing and at that moment I felt a weight lifted off of me in an undiscribable way. That night i gave my life to Jesus, I fell away time and again but now I want the whole world to know im living for GOD...

#4 Jesus gives me all i need through the Pastorial staff from HDC, the wonderful people in my two small groups,and the wonderful radio programing from Calvery Chapel.

#5 I no longer need to turn to substance abuse to cope with my anger issues and life stresses no matter the situation.

#6 GOD is great and if you truly believe he died for all of us, and truly choose to put your faith in Him it doesn't matter what happens in life He will help you through it all.