VV Baptism Testimonies

Rolando Beltran

Throughout my life I’ve made several bad choices, no matter how different I did things the outcome would be the same. Finally I did something I had never thought of doing: I turned to Christ for guidance. I was really hardheaded and selfish towards everyone including family, always having mixed emotions at the wrong times. It was hard!  I came to HDC off and on but in September of 2013 I wanted to join a small group.  I started by attending a singles small group but realized I really needed a Men’s group. I joined Mike Moore’s groups and in November 2013 after I started attending the men’s group I finally accepted Christ.  Even though life is tough and I’m broke I feel blessed and have the joy other Christians have in their lives.  My friends Andres and Daniel have helped me stay on the right track toward Christ.  Life is a lot easier now that I put Christ in the center of everything I do. I now know I can’t fully enjoy life without Jesus Christ in the center of my life.