VV Baptism Testimonies

Norma Sanchez

During a very difficult time in my life several of my co-workers said that I needed to go to HDC. I was raised going to Catholic mass but even as a child I remember I didn’t see the point of going-I never got a connection going to church--I believe I never had the Holy Spirit in me all those years of attending mass. So I tried HDC one Sunday and pastor Tom was giving the sermon-all I remember from that day is that I couldn’t stop crying because not only did the music but his words felting so close to me that it felt like I got hit in the stomach!!  It was then that I put my faith in Jesus to forgive my sins and save me.  I never stop coming since 2012.   Through church I began reading the Bible. One thing that I did realize is that I no longer needed to be in control of my life--God has his plan already set-up and I needed to listen. I read the Bible to my children now mostly every night, we hardly miss church now and most importantly I don’t worry about nonsense. When my children asked us to get baptized it was amazing because my husband and I had talked about it before and we just hadn’t taken that step-we were I guess confused in a way because we had been baptized as infants, then when the little ones told us they wanted to do it, it was like a bulb turned on and sure enough God once again open our eyes!