VV Baptism Testimonies

Genaro Sanchez

Jesus is the ultimate sacrifice by God the Father to forgive our sins and give us life.    I encountered death when my childhood friend died when I was little, at that time I didn't really think people died.  A priest at that time told me that my friend was going to turn into a caterpillar and then a butterfly and go to heaven.  That helped comfort me and teach me about God’s goodness.  Also, as I was young I had really bad asthma and I was always hospitalized. I remember my mom reading the Bible to me. However as I got older I started to worry more about girls and friends that I drifted away from reading it and attending church. I was more self-centered and thought my way was the best way.

As an adult I wasn’t feeling like I was getting where I really wanted to be and after attending HDC I realized this place was a fit for me. It was like coming home.  Even though I had grown up in church it wasn’t until HDC that I my faith began to grow.   I have surrendered my life to Jesus because he died on the cross in my place and I believe that He is the only way to heaven.  Since walking with Jesus I believe I have a better life, and that I don't need to be in total control of it.  God is totally in control of my life.