VV Baptism Testimonies

Connie Duffey

1. My life was a mess, my way  wasn't working. I didn't want to do it anymore. 

2. Constant worry, fake ( I pretended to be ok) I tried to deal with everything myself, was in a bad relationship with no courage or strength to get out. No hope, unloved, distant from my family.

3. I lost another good friend in a car accident, watching my son's grandma slowly die & I wasn't sure if I would see God face to face. I started visiting different churches and reading my Bible. Late 2003 I asked Jesus to take over my life and lead the way. 

4. The teaching staff at HDC, different Bible studies through TLBS (Women's Bible study) and the wonderful friends God has brought into my life. 

5. I'm aware of sins I didn't know I have, I have hope, I know no matter what is going on, God is in control, He works everything thing out for my good and for His Glory. I know Love.

6. Even though I have tried to stray a few times, Jesus always leads me back to Him with open arms and I am forgiven. I desire to walk with Jesus, to share Him with others, and be a good example to my Oikos. I am ready to truly change my life.