VV Baptism Testimonies

Samantha Moreno

When I was three my mom, dad, and brother took me to HDC to start my first day at church. I was a little scared at first because my family went to a different place in the building. Even though I was scared I knew God was with me.  Before I went to church my mom would read me stories from the bible,  Jesus and God.

While I was in third grade people where talking about getting baptized and I didn’t know what it meant.  Every time I go to Beach House the songs the play touch my heart and one day they played this one song that I couldn’t help but sing along with it.

The next day I prayed to have Jesus in my life and I wanted to learn how to get baptized, even though I was a bit scared. I want to take the next step to follow Jesus.

I want Jesus to be the leader of my life and I chose to follow Him my whole entire life.