VV Baptism Testimonies

Madison Porter

My mom and dad  introduced me to  Christ by talking about Jesus and going to church.  When I was at church we talked about having a relationship with Jesus during our response stations.

 I was prompted  to  make a decision to  follow  Jesus  by my mom  and dad when me and my  mom went to see  the  movie  heaven  is for  real.  I made this decision after I read the book Heaven is for real when I got home from seeing the movie.  There was a prayer in the back of the book that I wanted to pray.  So, I told my mom that I wanted to do the prayer so I can have a relationship with Jesus.  My mom and dad and I talked about the ABC’s and then my dad helped lead me through the prayer.

I said the prayer to ask Jesus to come into my heart on Thursday night April 17, 2014.

 I was at home after seeing the movie Heaven is for Real.  I was in the living room sitting on the chair with my mom and my dad was sitting on the floor next to the chair.

 I decided to make the decision to let Jesus be the leader of my life because I want to go to Heaven and have a relationship with Jesus.  And I want to have eternal life with him in Heaven.  I am going to obey Jesus and be a leader and a good example for other people so they will want to become a Christian.