VV Baptism Testimonies

Krissy Thorne

I knew the way I was living my life something had to change.  I felt like I had this dark cloud over my head, and I was living a sinful life. That's when I knew I needed Jesus in my life, and I needed to change my way of living and accept Jesus.    My life was about drinking and partying and living in sin. I was just wanting my pain to go away, and doing things so I didn't have to deal with what I was going through. My aunt asked me to High Desert  Church 2007 and I received Christ two weeks later.    I received Jesus as my Savior because I knew I couldn't help myself only Jesus could help me what I was going through.  Who helped me understand what to do was the Bible and Jesus. My life is different  now because  I don't live my life the way I use to - I live it for Jesus.  My life has became a lot more clearer. I forgive people now  and I still go through trials and when I'm scared or sad I just turn it over to Jesus and he gets me through it.   I just wanted to say thank you to Jesus for loving me and not giving up on me and for dying on the cross for me.