VV Baptism Testimonies

Dylan Green

My name is Dylan Green and I have been raised in a Christian home where I have learned and am still learning about Jesus, God, and what it means to live a Christian Life.  I am learning from my parents, other family members, reading my Bible, and by attending Church.

            On Easter Sunday this year (2014) while attending Beach House service I received the Easter message and listened to how Jesus died for me on the cross for my sins. At this time I felt I needed and wanted to accept Jesus into my heart and life, to be with me always. I want to live my life, as God wants me to, For Him! So at the end of service I asked Jim, a youth leader, to pray with me. We prayed a prayer asking Christ to come into my heart and lead my life.

            I chose Jesus to lead my life to help show me how to be a good person and to do good things as Christ did for others. I understand that I don’t have control over things that are out of my hands but God is awesome and has full control. I know I am a daily sinner, but I want God to give me forgiveness and wash away my sins and only through Him is this possible. I want Him to guide and watch over me to be Christ like and to know I have a place with Him in Heaven.