VV Baptism Testimonies

Cindy Ochoa

Before I didn't have Jesus in my life I was less patient, I would be mean, and I would hide stuff from my parents. I need to have Jesus in my life because I can pray about being patient, being mean, and hiding things and God will help me choose the right paths.

My mom was the person who told me about God but I didn't really understand until I went to camp. I committed Christ in my heart when I was in camp 2012, the pastor was saying if you want to commit Jesus in your life say this prayer, and it was just like doing the ABCs.

Having Jesus in my life means I have the Son of my Creator in my heart, therefore I don’t have to be scared or anything. My life is different with Jesus because if I am scared or something or in doubt I can just pray to God and I know He will help me in some sort of way.