VV Baptism Testimonies

Bradley Wilson

My entire life I believed that I was God. It wasn't until the beginning of June 2012 that something happened in my life that made me believe that I was no longer the ultimate ruler of my life. Life until that point was based on whatever I wanted to do, and I did a lot of drinking, drugging, and hurting people. The drinking and drugging made me feel comfortable in my own skin, while the hurting people made me feel in control, even though my life was out of control.

In June I pushed everyone away because I couldn't deal with the guilt and shame from the many things I have done to hurt them. I felt that suicide was my only way out. With the Hesperia Swat Team surrounding my house, while I was loading up my firearms ready to die. I had a spiritual experience I can only describe as divine. Since that day, I have not had any obsession to drink, use drugs, or do any harm to others. This experience put me on a quest for spirituality.

I came to High Desert Church I little over a year ago, and I found what I was looking for my entire life – a relationship with Jesus Christ was the answer!  I gave my life to Him, and I became a different person.  Now I want to be baptized to show my oikos that Jesus has given me a second chance to do life better. Jesus Christ has changed my life dramatically in a single moment, so I want to take this second chance and use it to become a world changer like He would want me to be.  Thank you Jesus.