VV Baptism Testimonies

Nadia Lauren

I always grew up knowing about Jesus Christ, but as I started to drift away, life began to seem meaningless. As I started to grow into young adulthood, living without Jesus as the #1 in my life, everything was a lot more difficult. My junior year of high school I had a change of heart when I had a dream of God telling me, “It is time to get serious about me” and on the very next morning at the Harbor service, Pastor Tom spoke about volunteering opportunities. I decided to volunteer in the children’s ministry. I truly believe once I began volunteering in the Beach House is when I realized how much I needed Jesus, and that’s when I gave my life to Him. Since then my relationship with God has grown stronger, and it helped make my decision for college a lot easier.  I will be attending Biola University. Now that my relationship with the Lord is stronger, I feel like everything in my life is falling into place.