VV Baptism Testimonies

Miguel Rios

I am proud to say that I grew up knowing God all my life. I’m a son of a Pastor for a Spanish church located in Los Angeles, CA.  I felt that going to church Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday throughout all my adolescence I never quite understood why I was required to be at church every single day, well almost.  Once out of high school and when I became independent, I broke off my ties with my church and most importantly with God. All my life I was told not do this or that, but never really explained the consequences or repercussions.  So needless to say once I went to college all the negative things or “sins “that I was told not to do- well I did. Had a child out of wedlock, drank, smoked and partied.  Though I did what I did, God never left me; on the contrary, I always felt that connection to him but I would never commit. I guess I would always talk myself out of committing or getting baptized cause I didn’t want to break from my lifestyle.  In the year 2000 God blessed me with a son, Cody. He has truly been a blessing, and even though I always backslide from God I made every effort for my son to be raised knowing God.  I enrolled him in a Christian school from the tender age of 6 years. God is so awesome because around 2010 at the age of 10 years, my son accepted the Lord and got baptized. It’s truly a blessing to know that even though I wasn’t his influence to get baptized, he at that age felt convicted to give his life to Christ and as his father that should have been my job to give him direction to live a Christian life.

Fast forward to 2012, this was the year when my wife Darlene and I started to attend HDC more often. It wasn’t till last year 2013 that I attended marriage life path- that event was one of the many tools God placed before me to become a better Godly man to my kids but most importantly to my wife! From there I saw a change in priorities and could feel the thirst for wanting more of a relationship with God. Since then I’ve attended our Men’s conference and was part of the Manhood 33 series that HDC kick started and now involved in a small group. Recently I attended another church and heard a message from a guest speaker Levi Lusko “Running with horses; Queue the Eagle” – God moved my heart and I dedicated my life to the Lord Jesus Christ.