VV Baptism Testimonies

Genevie Garcia

It has taken me so long to put my thoughts together because, in the short time I have started to dedicate my life to God, there are many reasons why I love Him. I have always known of God while growing up, but I have never had a personal relationship like I do now. I would pray, but I can remember now it was only at times that I needed him.

At the end of March 2013, my family had a big scare when my grandmother, who has raised me since I was very young, went into the hospital for something doctors were confused about. In a matter of days, I went from having breakfast at her house every other day before work, to spending over a month of countless hours at her hospital room. The doctors told my family and me, "There is nothing we can do, and that we should say our good bye's." Well, it's about a year now since this happened and my grandmother is well and will be attending my Baptism!! It took me a couple months to take in the miracle God had not only showed me, but also showed my family through her.

My life before God was lonely. I felt real insecure and made tons of bad decisions. I would not consider to think about my actions or consequences before making them. It is hard in today’s world not to fall into what it portrays as normal or fun. But I gave my life to Jesus, and now I have a real relationship with him, and I can’t imagine going back.

I have my own place, good job, good family and circle of friends, and a new thirst for God. I am currently in my second session of women's small groups at HDC, which I love and can sit for hours talking to these women and hear how He has brought them through many obstacles in their lives. I know I can never look back at the life I had and want it back. I want a better life and I know it will only come by seeking him and further dedicating myself to Him and following what he has planned for me instead of what I had planned for myself. I give thanks to Him for all I have and all I have accomplished, because although I thought I was doing it alone, He has been there right beside me the whole time. With him, I have also started being a leader with the first grade boys on Sunday mornings, and that has just been a great blessing and rewarding experience. I look forward every week to attend HDC in any way possible. I owe a BIG Thank You to HDC for helping me find myself through God.