VV Baptism Testimonies

Eric Avila

My mother brought me up as a child going church, so growing up I knew who Jesus Christ was and how he died for our sins. I was always told to say “Hail Mary” prayers and confess my sins to the priest. It was more of a routine and not a relationship with Christ. During high school and college was when I really drifted away from Christ altogether and lived my life full of sin without any conviction. I did things my way and prayer was the last thing on my mind.

            After graduating from college I began dating an amazing woman, Shannen, who was raised by a Christian mother.  I remember talking to her one evening when she told me that she wanted a husband that follows Christ. That’s when I began thinking about Christ, and not too long after that conversation was when I knew I needed Jesus Christ in my life.

            I began going to church with Shannen learning more about what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus and making him #1 in my life. At that time I was working with a Christian man, Tony, who was also a pastor. He would always give me good advice and speak the word to me. Tony led a small bible study out of his home where I would attend occasionally. I felt like I could tell him everything without being judged.

              One evening I went to an all men’s service at a local church.  There was a guest speaker, A. C. Green, a former Los Angeles Lakers who gave his personal testimony on how hard it was to be a Christian in the NBA. It made an impact on me. Not because I’m the biggest Lakers fan, because the obstacles and challenges he faced when fighting sin. Something I face on a daily basis. At the end of the service the pastor spoke to the audience about accepting Jesus Christ as our savior. Without hesitation I stood up and said the prayer. I knew that I needed Christ to be the center of my life.