VV Baptism Testimonies

Emily Villagomez

I was a 19-year-old single parent with no clue where my life was going. My daughter’s father was killed when I was only 3 months pregnant. I didn’t understand why god would hate me so much to leave me to have a child on my own? I was unhappy with my life and all I wanted to do was party and do drugs. To be honest I tried a couple of times to end my life because I didn’t know how I was going to be a good mother if I didn’t love myself. When my daughter was around 15 months I met a wonderful man (my now husband) who was so caring and loving to both of us. He was always so happy and saw the good in every situation. He would speak to me about Jesus and I would brush him off saying “There is no Jesus. There is only coincidence and good luck,” which I did not have. One day before my second daughter was born his sister sat me down and asked me if I accepted Jesus in my life. She spoke to me about how wonderful he is and how much he loved me to die on the cross for me. FOR ME I thought? I started to feel an amazing presence come over me and tears started flowing out of my eyes. That day I accepted Him in my life. That was nearly 13 years ago on 4/19/01.

I am now a mother of 4 beautiful children who I try to be an example. Life is still hard, but as much as life tries to bring me down, I know with Jesus backing me up I can overcome any situation. I want my children to grow up knowing him and loving him as much as I do. Now everyday I wake up I tell myself “My life is worth living and I want to live it the right way.”