VV Baptism Testimonies

Andrea Martinez

For years I have been walking along the top of a fence that had the Lord on one side and my selfish pride on the other.  I would teeter from one side to the other continuously not fully understanding my life and the direction in which it was headed.  I would find myself, a mother of 4, a wife with a full time job struggling with the issues of every day life of stress, money, being there 110% for my family only to find myself completely drained and overwhelmed.  I had the “supermom” mentality that I could take on the world, only to discover that I was lying to myself and everyone around me. 

 I found myself alone, afraid and just at a total loss with myself.  It wasn't until the beginning of this year that God spoke to me and I listened.  I was reminded that I was not put on this earth for any other reason than to serve him.  And the joys and rewards of that are not only an eternal life with Him, but becoming the mother, wife, daughter and friend that he intended me to be. By opening my heart and accepting Him as my Savior, I have gained so much more than I could ever ask for.  I also know that everyday I will still commit sin, everyday I will still struggle with life in one way other, but everyday I will never have to face it alone because I have Him by my side.