VV Baptism Testimonies

Darlene Rios

Growing up I primarily lived in a single family household. I was taken to church when times got tough. As a child I went to Sunday school for the treat when class ended. My mother took us to many churches to help "save" my dad, never worked. I grew up and did my own thing as a teenager and adult. I followed most rules but sinned away! Later in my early 20's I met Miguel. I noticed a difference in him than I did other guys I dated. We had our fun, lived the "younger" years, and had our troubles. We went to church when it was convenient. The church we went to never felt like home. We didn't know anyone personally. We didn't get involved. Years down the road Miguel and I moved to the High Desert. We found HDC! Miguel wasn't thrilled about HDC as he said he missed our "old" church. I continued attending HDC then enrolled in SMILES. I was feeling God’s word but I felt a push back when I was at home. Finally Miguel started attending HDC and began to LOVE HDC! Since then he's in his 3rd session in men's bible studies and has went on a men's retreat. I'm also in my 3rd SMILES session and going on my first women's retreat. Yes, we enjoy our groups but what has touched our hearts is Marriage Lifepath! Definitely put a different outlook on our marriage. Lifepath and God has helped me during many difficult times! It was finally at this past year’s Women’s Oikos Event that I responded personally to the Gospel and asked Jesus to be my Savior.  I was before a very angry person. I held grudges. I let things bother me. I never turned to God and relied on his word! Now I'm the complete opposite person and give God my all!