VV Baptism Testimonies

Megan Tennyson

Though I grew up in Catholic home that believed in God it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I began to take my own faith seriously. I was dating this guy and playing basketball for the school. Two things that mattered most to me at that time. Little did I know, that God was going to shake up my world by taking these two things that I thought mattered to me most. It was from there that my life began to go down hill. I tore my ACL playing basketball and had to have surgery. Two days before my knee surgery, my boyfriend broke up with me via text message. My life revolved around that guy.  So when he broke up with me, I was completely devastated. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest, life felt so empty. Two days later, I had knee surgery. It was the worst pain in my life and wearing a big knee brace, using crutches, being in a wheel chair was horrible. I felt so lonely and depressed. But it was in that very moment that I remember sitting on my bed thinking my life sucks: no boyfriend, no basketball. Life is so empty- what’s the point? I felt as though I was missing something and that those two things were what I needed to be completely happy and satisfied.

So months passed and my dad started to go to HDC every so often and so I would go with him. At that time, I wasn’t faithful to God. I believed in him, but I hardly prayed and didn’t practice my faith regularly. So the times that I would go to church with my dad, God would speak to me and I would listen. It was the type of sermons that felt very personal, almost as though God was speaking directly to me. Because of that, I started to go more frequently. Then this guy I worked with at my work at the time, came to Christ.  To see God transform him was amazing, it was actually hard to believe. He became more loving and caring- much like a big brother to me. Any time I was sad or upset, he was there listening and giving me biblical advice- always following up with scripture. 

One day, we were at the park playing basketball and I remember us talking about our lives and he told me, “Megan, I am so happy with my life right now. God is using me in such miraculous ways. I feel completely satisfied in Him.” It was from that comment that I realized something needed to change in my life. I reflected upon my life and how miserable it was to have a torn ACL, no boyfriend, family problems, etc. I looked at his life and how joyful, peaceful, loving, caring he was.  I told myself that I wanted to be that happy. I didn't want to be miserable anymore, I wanted to be fulfilled with my life.  So that same night I decided to take the first step in the right direction.  I began to follow Jesus is some news ways.  I made my entire life all about God- I began to run towards him. I began to be so infatuated with him, his love, mercy, grace, forgiveness and just his almighty power. I craved his love and peace- and in return he would fill me with joy, love and peace.

What I realized was that God was all that I ever needed. He was that missing piece in my life that I was so desperately trying to fill with worldly things. God is what I needed and he is all that I ever need. Now he is my priority and I live to serve him and make him known. I am ready to publicly declare my promise and commitment to him by getting baptized. I am ready to show others that I am no longer dead in sin and that I am alive through HIM.