VV Baptism Testimonies

Makenna Delgado

God always has His love and power with you.  He died on the cross for our

sins.  He’s always with us every morning and night.  I believe in God and I always try to do what he wants.  He wants us to copycat him because He was very

nice, humble and forgiving. I want to get baptized because of what he did

for us.   If you believe in Him someday you will go to heaven

and have eternal life forever.  I made this decision to admit, believe, and choose with my parents after a service in Beach House. He loves us more than anything and what He

says is: I am always there for you. One day when I was 8, I was thinking

about God after leaving HDC with my mom and I knew what the right thing to do was follow him and that’s the reason I’m here today. I wish everybody had Jesus in their hearts so we can all have eternal life and go to heaven together.