VV Baptism Testimonies

Joel Cruz

My name is Joel Cruz and I am 17 years old.  Growing up in a Christian home, I've always been taught that Jesus Christ was someone I should turn to, no matter the situation.  As I grew older I started drifting away from what I had been taught. I didn’t want to come to church because I couldn’t see any point in going.  I felt like I had everything under control and had no room for a god.  I felt little need for a savior.  At a really young age I attempted to take my own life.  I was terrified and didn't know who to talk to or what I was even thinking.  I was full of shame and guilt and I knew I was a greedy and self-centered person . 

It was about a year ago that I was invited again to HDC By my older brother.  I noticed he went to church every Sunday night.  It was a priority in his life.   Seeing him make this commitment, I finally decided to open up and tag along.  At church, I accepted Jesus into my heart.  I realized all that he has done for me this entire time.  I've been counting my blessings and watching in amazement at all the great changes he has made in me.  With baptism, I want to announce my faith in Jesus Christ.  I want others to know that having a relationship with him is like no other.  Through Christ alone, all things are possible .