VV Baptism Testimonies

Joel Burch

I am 40 years old.  I waited this long to be baptized because I was so self-centered.  I thought that I could do everything on my own without any help.  From a young age my mom was a drunk and my father was nowhere around.  I found community and family with the wrong group of kids.  Because of their influence, I started smoking and doing drugs when I was just 13 years old.  This life led me to juvenile hall and eventual imprisonment for drugs.

After my last release, I said that I wanted to do right. I got a good job and I managed to stay out of trouble.  Even though other parts of my life were right, I still felt like something was missing. What I realize now is that it was the Lord that was missing. That all changed when I met my beautiful fiancé, Kim Carrillo, and her kids: Joseph, Aaron, Chris, and Brittney. Going with them to church and seeing everyone happy and praising the Lord made want to ask the Lord to be my savior.