VV Baptism Testimonies

Jim Burton

I had been in and out of church from birth to mid 20's.  Some friends invited me to go to Calvary church in Costa Mesa.  There, it was like Chuck Smith was speaking directly to me in a language I could finally understand.  Before Christ I was frustrated and feeling like there was something missing from my life that I could not find at the churches I visited.  I even visited a Unitarian Universal church.   After a few visits to Calvary Church it was clear to me I needed to respond to the call and joined the group in the back room where I prayed and asked Jesus to come into my heart.  My girlfriend at the time was the one that led me to Calvary Church and the church leaders led me to pray and accept Jesus into my heart.  We stopped going to Calvary because of the distance and attended a local Methodist Church.  After we broke up I attended several different churches by myself but did not fit in.  When I met and married my wife we visited the Friends Church and felt right at home for the last 30 years.  It has always been clear to me that I cannot reach God by myself and without Him there was something missing.  The church helped me to understand that I needed to accept Jesus into my heart to fill that hole.