VV Baptism Testimonies

Doug Fugate Jr.

 Prior to living with Christ at the helm, I was constantly battling with what was right and wrong, even over the smallest things.  I felt very convicted.  I was in search for something bigger than life.  A game-changer.  The Lord Jesus Christ is just that. 

Through admitting to my sinful ways and unworthy lifestyle, believing Christ died for us, even when we turned away from Him, and choosing the path He has for me over my own path I once thought to be “perfect,” I received Christ into my life with the help of Parkar Lamoth and Tyler Stewart. 

 I now know that while my prior life was unworthy, after accepting Christ into my life, it now has meaning and purpose.  I can now wake up every morning and know that I live for a higher, bigger cause.  I now live for a Man that loved us so much, He died because of it.  The Lord is absolutely a difference maker in everyday life and everybody's life.