VV Baptism Testimonies

Brittney Carrillo

Although my mom raised me in a Christian home, I didn't truly know who Christ was or what was done for me. Since I wasn't feeling the love a child should feel from their dad, I looked for happiness in all the wrong places and nothing was satisfying me. I felt as if I wasn't good enough for anybody so anger and bitterness began to build. 

Before high school, I spent my time trying to please others instead of the Lord. It wasn't until my freshman year at Apple Valley High School when I truly began to know Christ and understand what was done for me. I knew I was a sinner and I believed that Jesus Christ is the only way but I did not really want to follow Him.

Romans 5:8 

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

My sophomore year of high school came and things finally changed for the better. I no longer had the problems I was having my freshman year. 

October came and my family and I went and saw a Christian play. From the message of the drama, I realized then that my words and actions were not bringing me closer to God and I wanted a change. That night, I chose to follow Him and I completely gave my life to Him.