VV Baptism Testimonies

Ashley Zul

I am so excited to be getting baptized! I’ve been coming to HDC since about 5th grade. The first time I asked Jesus Christ into my heart was in 7th grade at church camp at Thousand Pines. Pastor Paul, the Jr. High pastor at the time, had an amazing sermon the last night at camp that led many kids to Christ, including myself. During my teenage/young adult years, I drifted apart from God a bit. I still attended church, but it just didn’t have Jesus as priority in my life.  I was pursuing my immediate needs and wants without ever considering any consequences. I felt like I was on a path that was leading me to nowhere. It was like that until reality hit me in the face and I was a going to be a single mother. I needed God in my life not just for myself, but I needed him for my unborn son. I asked God for forgiveness and admitted I needed Him, all of Him. Since then my relationship with God has grown tremendously and he is now the center of my life again. God placed my son in my life for a reason and he is truly a gift from God that has changed my life forever for the better. I feel a sense of peace in my heart knowing God is in control of my life. I’m ready to be baptized to symbolize that I completely give my life to Jesus Christ!