VV Baptism Testimonies

Roger Avila

I grew up in the West Covina area of the San Gabriel Valley. At the age of 13 my family moved to the High Desert Region. 

Having grown up in the traditional Catholic faith as a child, I really didn’t question what Catholicism was but once. Being mindful of my parents, I didn’t feel the reason to question them further about my faith as my mom instilled within me that our family practiced our faith through Catholicism and that was it. It wasn’t until about two years ago at the age of nineteen that I was invited to a Christian Church where I felt the Lord speaking to my heart. I also felt his tugging at me as he was trying to reach me by making himself visible to me in my surroundings at the church. While I was trying to make sense of what Christianity was and establish a relationship with God I continued to hang out with the same friends who liked to party. As a result of that, one day, I found myself at a party where I was confronted with a life changing experience that left quite an impression on me.

While at the party with my friends not knowing it at the time I had consumed some brownies that contained some sort of drug in them. Shortly thereafter I saw the most horrific impression of Satan’s face before me. I was terrified at the vision and what had taken place. The whole situation in essence woke me up and left me searching for God even more.

Little by little I began to seek God more by praying and reading the word. I began with the book of John and felt led to continue to read more and more of His word. I then established a regular devotional time and had the opportunity to attend a couple of men’s retreats. I learned from the men’s testimonies how fortunate I was. I was very thankful for the grace God had and continues to bestow upon me and that I had much to be grateful for.

While God led me to learn about many things I had learned about the importance of accepting Christ as Lord and Savior by praying the “Sinners Prayer” and I did. I now look forward to living a life fully devoted to him.