VV Baptism Testimonies

Kristiana Ballinas

As a young child I grew up in a Christian setting, always attending church with my mother and sister. As I started to get older I adventured out of my faith. I was selfish and a self-serving person. I made choices and decisions that suited my immediate needs and wants without considering any consequences. I was soulless. I was lost. I was wandering place to place without any real purpose. I had tried to commit suicide when I was younger. I let the dark over take my soul, following one bad relationship to another. I wanted the selfish way out of the hurt and suffering I was feeling. I knew I couldn't live with the hate I had for everyone, but I had no faith, purpose or guidance to continue life.

 One day I woke up with that purpose to continue life, and it was the blessing of my children to continue on. I started to attend HDC 6 years ago. I wanted to show everyone my love for Jesus and let him take control and trust him. Since then I have found love, happiness, and peace. I have come to appreciate his handling of my life. He has shown me a clear path towards him, and I am following him as my Savior. I want to get baptized to show him how much I love him and how grateful I am to be given another chance at life. And to show everyone I believe in him.