VV Baptism Testimonies

Falan Grunert

I began attending High Desert Church in 6th grade at AWANA on Friday nights. Now, nearly 14 years later I am finally taking the step in my faith to commit my life to God's plan. During my high school years I found my selfish ways taking over as I made the decision to have my fun instead of following God's plan.

 Most recently I have had many great changes in my life. I married my husband 3 years ago and we now have a 22 month old and a 14 week old. I have always known that I wanted to share God with my family and raise my kids in a home that is seeking Him.  For this reason I have decided to obey God's word and become baptized.

 I am excited to make this commitment to show my friends and family that God is my top priority and that I am choosing to follow whatever God has in store for me. I hope to be an influence on those around me and I ask that the people around me help to keep me honest and accountable of the commitment I am making. 

I know that moving forward all things are possible through Christ my savior.