VV Baptism Testimonies

Caitlynn Cavasos

I have been through a lot during my childhood years. My mom was rarely around and my older brother, who was just in fourth grade, was left to watch all of the kids.  I always thought it was because of me that she left, but I now realize it was because of her drug addiction. Addictions, abuse, and neglect were the only thing that I knew.

It was at that point that my grandparents took me in.  They removed my mother from my life and tried to help protect me from her habits.  Growing up with them, we never went to church.  However, my grandpa did believe in God.  The only influence he gave me was in fourth grade when he gave me a Bible that had my name on it.

I didn’t know God and I definitely didn’t have a relationship with Jesus.  Just last year, my sister began going to HDC.  I would go along with her every once in a while.  I would listen to the service but none of it ever seemed to make sense.

Last February everything changed.  My actions and decisions put me in a situation where I almost died.  Miraculously, my grandpa found me before it was too late.  He rushed me to the hospital and I ended up being ok.  In that moment I realized that I needed help.  Jesus was there for me.  All of those sermons and moments from my past began to make sense.