VV Baptism Testimonies

Samantha Crane

I first learned about Christ from my pre-school. We would pray before our snacks every day. As I got older, I went to church, and then I moved to the High Desert. At HDC I started to understand more about God’s love for me and the sacrifice that He made for me. I learned that I needed to ask Jesus to be my Savior, so I did that.

My parents, HDC, and the Bible all tell me to love God and love others. I love God without a doubt, but loving people who are mean to you is easier said than done. I try to love others, and I know I can, but sometimes it just seems so… impossible. Every day, little by little, I try to improve my attitude and get in one less fight. It makes me sound wonderful but believe me, my past isn’t pretty perfect and my record isn’t squeaky clean.

I know that God loves me. Jesus died on the cross for me so that, because I’m a sinner (and its no secret) I can live in Heaven with him. That’s why I want to be baptized so that I know and everyone around me knows, that I believe.