VV Baptism Testimonies

Levi Medeiros

      I was born and raised into a Christian home. When I was younger, an event occurred in my life that completely flipped my world upside down. As a result, I chose to completely turn my back on God and live my life how I wanted, under my own terms. I was living in sin, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I knew in my heart I was drifting further and further away from God. I chose to put my pride & anger before God, which had a ripple effect on my relationships with my family and my friends.

     I slowly started attending Church with my girlfriend at HDC. I was always listening, but I continued to keep God at what I felt was a safe distance, because I was afraid of being hurt again. After five and a half years of God constantly tugging on my heart every weekend at church, I finally broke down while listening to a Christian Talk Radio station. The Pastor on the radio that morning said, "Either you are with God, or you are against him. There is no in between with God!" Right there I prayed the "A, B, C's" we are taught here every service, and from that moment on, I have chosen to let God take the reigns of my life and let him steer me on the path he has paved for me. I have let go of all the hatred in my heart and forgave those who hurt me, which in turn has helped me rekindle the relationships in my life that I for so long had been neglecting, and now, they have never been better. 

      I now wake up every morning with a positive attitude, an open heart, and I am ready to face each day with my Savior by my side. I want to be the light in my friend’s lives who do not know Christ because I feel I have a personal responsibility to guide them towards Christ. I want them to personally experience the grace of God like I do now. I will strive each day to be that light to those around me and to show them the way to Christ. So I am deciding to be baptized to publicly declare my obedience and commitment to Christ.