VV Baptism Testimonies

Bianca Sedillo

We started going to church when I was four years old. So I already knew who God is but never gave my life to him.


So one night I was laying in bed and I couldn't sleep and my twin sister Angel, who I share a room with, was asleep so I couldn't talk to her. I felt really alone.


But I remembered that God is always there and I didn't feel alone anymore. So that morning I woke up and told my mom and we prayed and I gave my life to him. After that I joined Sunshine Choir and really enjoyed it. I joined Shout It Out after my Sunshine Choir years were over

This year’s summer camp also really brought me closer to God as well. And what really assured me that God is always there is that at camp on Tuesday night one of the Nation Guides was praying and he said to God to put his hand on the 6th graders (and I am a 6th grader) as they go into middle school. And right after he said that I felt this big, warm, not human, very comforting hand on my back. It definitely was not human. And after the prayer I realized that God had touched me. I felt so good and comforted that God is always with me and he is always right by my side. Camp was such a positive experience with my relationship with God. When camp was over I was a changed person I am just so positive that God is there and I am going to live the rest of my life telling people that God loves them SO much and is always there and hopefully my story will impact them as well.